How we work

In a development process not all conditions and contingencies can be considered and specified in advance. Small technical changes in the classical waterfall model have a big impact on the whole project process.

The application of agile software development according to Scrum gives the development process a higher degree of flexibility and transparency. Thus in agile development it is possible without further ado to complete specifications for an iteration step of the respective sprint, taking into account the previous development.

By dividing the development process into sprints with a duration of 2-3 weeks and the associated sprint planning together with the contractor, the client gets a very detailed insight into exactly what will be implemented in the next development step.

This gives the customer the earliest possible insight into the current progress in the development process and enables him to view the development results of the sprint directly after the end of the sprint. At the same time, the client has the possibility to prioritize features in the sprint planning.

Project-management tools

For the administration of all project processes we use a centralized ticket system based on Redmine ( All project tasks are documented and tracked in this ticket system.

The product owner on the customer side has full access to the ticket system and thus has insight into all current and planned developments.

Project workflow and control

The V-Modell-XT is a popular process model for managing projects, particularly among public-sector clients in Germany. The liabilities defined in the model for project implementation and the corresponding responsibilities provide the client and contractor with the necessary collateral as a solid foundation for project implementation.

We combine this model with the agile development process in order to subdivide the iteration defined according to V-Modell XT even more finely. This results in a development process in which the client gains insight into the development as early as possible but does not have to do without the necessary security.