System for moderating and visualizing live comments

ServicesHardware-related applications in C++ / OpenGL

Project description

As part of an annual general meeting of the company, a moderation system was developed which makes it possible to receive suggestions and comments from all participants via iPad and display them on a 360° screen.

All submitted comments are managed live via a moderation interface and can either be deleted or released for display on the screen. The display on the screen takes place one after the other, i.e. all released comments are queued and displayed sequentially. There is also a mode for automatic visualization in which no interaction by the moderator is necessary.

All comments are first converted to PNG graphics by PhantomJS, then rendered hardware accelerated by OpenGL and animated in real time on a projection system in 3 dimensions.

Our services:

  • Creating the server to receive comments from the iPad app
  • Planning and programming of the moderation interface and the basic system for managing comments in PHP / HTML / AJAX
  • Planning and programming of the projection system for real-time visualization in C++ / OpenGL