Responsive webapplications

Decentralized and responsive web applications bring your business processes to customers and suppliers. Compared to a classic desktop application or a client-server application, web applications run completely in the browser.

Desktop apps

  • Installation on the client computer is necessary
  • Needs to be developed for different operating systems
  • Updates have to be provided for all operating systems
  • no mobile usage supported

Client-Server-Applications (App)

  • Easy installation via Apple Appstore / Google Playstore
  • Can be developed natively or as a Cross-Platform App
  • Native: Updates must be provided separately for iOS and Android.
    Cross-platform: One update will be provided for all operating systems
  • Can be used with smartphones or tablets

Responsive webapplications

  • No installation necessary. The application is accessed via the browser, no matter if smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
  • Does not need to be adapted for operating systems
  • No updates have to be installed. The latest version is always called up via the browser.
  • Can be used with smartphones or tablets

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What advantages do you have with a respsonsive web application?

High range

With a responsive web application, you can reach customers around the world - regardless of which device their customers are using.

Lower development costs

Since the application is developed for the browser and therefore independent of the operating system, there are no high adaptation costs for different operating systems.

Easy maintenance

Updates are installed directly on the server. Your customers are therefore always automatically up to date.

Technologies we use:







What we provide:

  • - We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal technology for your specification.
  • - Backend development in Java or PHP / Symfony
  • - Frontend development in HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript