Native or cross-platform?

Native Apps are specially developed for a mobile operating system (iOS / Android). A native app can use all hardware functionalities of a smartphone/tablet. Native apps often offer a considerable performance advantage. In addition, the input helpers provided by the operating system are also available in a native app. However, it is necessary to develop the source code of the app in the appropriate programming language (Swift / Objective-C / Java). A simple transfer to another operating system is therefore not easily possible.

Cross-Platform Apps are developed in a programming language that can be translated into native code in a compilation process. Alternatively, Cross-Platform apps can run in a runtime environment directly on the target device without having been translated into the byte code of the target device.

Native apps

  • Better performance
  • All hardware features of the mobile device can be used
  • Usability and quality impression are often higher
  • Must be developed specifically for each operating system

Cross platform apps

  • A once developed app can be released for different operating systems and devices
  • Lower development costs
  • Easier maintenance
  • Limited performance compared to a native app

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Our multi-stage quality assurance guarantees high quality in design and implementation.



Through the application of agile development methods we offer a maximum of flexibility during the development process.



By considering the BSI guidelines for secure web applications, we offer a high level of security in every step..



Projects are managed and tracked in a central project management tool. Our customers have full access to their projects and the source code..


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