Hardware-related applications

A cross-platform software development process allows applications to be developed for a large number of different operating systems and architectures. In the best case, the application can be translated into operating system specific and architecture specific byte code. However, special hardware features are rarely supported or used.

When it comes to the performance of an application, hardware-related development offers a number of advantages. If software is developed for a specific target system, it makes sense to optimize the source code of the software for this target system.

Thanks to a low abstraction level in hardware-related software development, timing relevant requirements, for example in the communication of different system components, can also be realized more reliably. Using rapid-prototyping boards such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, the specially developed hardware can be connected to other systems with comparatively little effort. For example, sensor data can be made available on the Internet.

reflect.media offers you:

  • - Development of hardware-related applications in C/C++
  • - Hardware-accelerated real-time visualizations in OpenGL
  • - Application-specific, latency-optimized network solutions
  • - Cross platform development

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