If you only use SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) to get a good result in your search results on Google, you will soon realize that the On-Page Optimization of your website is not enough to get a good place in the Google rankings. Here you can find out how to use Google Ads for yourself!

1. What is SEM?

The purpose of search engine marketing is the paid promotion of your own website. By far the most important role for a good SEM is played by the so-called "keywords" (search terms). Because one must fall back on these as an advertiser, if one would like to switch an advertisement campaign over the Google-own advertisement portal Google Ads.



2. Where can I get matching keywords?

Which keywords ensure a successful campaign or a good ranking in the Google search results? Of course, this depends primarily on your product or service, to which the keywords must match. In order to find them, you should take your time at the beginning of your keyword research to find out how your target group could search for your product / service. If we take this blog article as an example, your target group could possibly enter the term "keywords" in the search bar. Here it would seem to be a good idea to use that keyword for your own Google Ads campaign. However, this would have no efficiency. Because such a large term makes Google Ads technically for a large competition. The money that would be spent monthly on this keyword would probably not cause any clicks.




3. Which keywords are worthwhile for my website at all?

Google Ads provides an ingenious tool, the so-called keyword planner, to give you a more precise overview of the keywords that come into question for you. With the help of this tool, you can analyze the frequency of search queries as well as the prevailing competition for all existing keywords.






In general, it can be said that keywords with many search queries tend to be individual words that represent a large umbrella term. However, this does not necessarily mean that the competition is correspondingly large.




4. Long-Tail-Keywords

In our example one could now use the keywords shown above for the Google Ads campaign due to the low to medium competition. However, to generate even more impressions and clicks, the so-called "long-tail keywords" are the means of choice. With their help you as an advertiser can offer your "solution" for the alleged "problem" of the customer even more specifically. Nowadays they don't just enter single words to search for a solution. You can see what such long tail keywords might look like in our example:


find matching keywords
the best SEM tips
how do I find matching keywords?



5. Bid Strategy

Last but not least, a bidding strategy has to be bolded. How much money you want to spend on your campaign is up to you. Don't worry, even small amounts can cause a lot of traffic with extensive and successful keyword research. Quality is more important than quantity.



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